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30 years taking care of you 

In 1992, in the city of Campinas- Brazil, the businesswoman in the children clothing sector Edna Silvana Rodrigues, at the invitation of a plastic surgeon, created the first piece Macom.

From that moment on, we began to dedicate ourselves to learn and develop lines of compression garments, always in partnership with doctors, meeting their needs , always committed to provide comfort in their post-surgical moment.


Therefore, today we are proud to have 100% Brazilian products, created by doctors and designed for your well-being and efficient recovery.


Macom is now in more than 20 countries, always looking for innovation and technological knowledge. 


Browse the site to learn more about us.

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We take care of youe health and well-being 

Looking for a simple procedure or a head-to-toe makeover?

We have the most diverse types of products, ideas for post-surgical use, postpartum, treatment of burn sequelae, aesthetic treatment, use under clothes.

In procedures, quality, size and correct compressions are very important for excellence in the final result, bringing you the necessary comfort, in addition to helping with swelling and edema.

We at MACOM deliver the best for your prompt recovery, strictly complying with the rules of quality and hygiene.​

Welfare. Health. Comfort.

Manufacturing compression fabrics for 30 years, Macom is a genuinely Brazilian company, which serves a globalized world, exporting its products to Europe, North and South America and Arab countries.

With a focus and investments in technology and innovation, it seeks ways to provide comfort, well-being, beauty and self-esteem to customers, always acting responsibly, meeting the high levels of quality required by ANVISA.

We also work with great care and special attention to patients with burn sequelae. This expertise of so many years allowed us to help many people and still brings us great satisfaction in taking well being in this difficult time.


Try our products, you will feel the difference!

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macom - 2017DESP, 2071DESP, 2046DESP e 1001DESP
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Complete line of compression bras and bras for post-surgical treatment, we work with the best fabrics to obtain the quality your doctor is looking for and the result you expect.


Looking for a comfortable garment that really delivers the shape it promises? 

You are looking for MACOM.


Before, During and After Childbirth, the products from the MACOM pregnant line work with the usual quality and care that every mother looks for.

Complete line of postpartum bra and garments.


Silicone bands, external prosthesis, belly button shaper and all products related to your surgery you can find in our stores.

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Monday to Friday

From 9 am to 6 pm


 From 9 am to 1 pm

  • Factory:
    Dr Street Fernão Pompeu de Camargo 433


  • Campinas Official Store
    Rua Antonio Lapa, 618 - Cambuí 


  • Official store São Paulo
    Rua Santa Justina, 544. - Vila Olímpia 

      (11) 3845-1349



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